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Hasan Köse at Conscience Academy: Trade Union Movements and Union Life

Within the scope of the Conscience Academy project of the Conscience Foundation, Civil Society Activist and Trade Unionist Hasan Köse shared his lecture titled "Union Movements and Union Life" with the participants on Wednesday, June 5. The event took place on the online platform and was met with great interest from the participants.

In his presentation, Hasan Köse discussed in detail the historical development of union movements, the effects of unions on workers' rights and the advantages of union life. The course aimed to increase the participants' knowledge and awareness about union movements and union life.

During the event, Köse emphasized the importance of union movements and their role in protecting workers' rights. He also discussed the advantages of union life for workers and its effects on social solidarity. The presentation, supported by examples of successful union movements around the world, offered a broad perspective to the participants.

At the end of the lecture, participants asked Hasan Köse questions on various topics and an interactive question-answer session was held. This section enabled participants to understand the subject more deeply and gave them the opportunity to ask questions they were curious about about union movements.

Hasan Köse's lecture encouraged raising awareness on workers' rights, union solidarity and social participation, in line with the mission of Conscience Academy. When the event ended, the participants thanked Köse for his valuable contributions and left to participate in future events.

Conscience Academy will continue to increase social awareness and participation with such events.

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