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Protection of Children

1. Purpose

CONSCIENCE Foundation considers the protection and welfare of children as a fundamental priority. This policy provides a framework to ensure the protection of children in all of the foundation's activities and to prevent all forms of abuse against children.

2. Scope

This policy covers all employees, volunteers, partners and all other relevant parties of the CONSCIENCE Foundation.

3. Basic Principles

  • Best Interests of Children: All decisions and activities are made with the best interests of children in mind.

  • Zero Tolerance: A zero tolerance policy is implemented against child abuse.

  • Participation and Respect: Children's views, rights and freedoms are treated with respect and their participation is encouraged.

  • Privacy and Protection: Children's privacy and confidentiality are protected.

4. Responsibilities

  • Training and Awareness: Foundation staff and volunteers are regularly trained on child protection policy and procedures.

  • Notification Obligation: Anyone who has suspicion or knowledge of child abuse must immediately notify the authorities and the foundation management.

  • Risk Assessment: All activities of the Foundation are regularly evaluated for the protection of children.

5. Implementation and Monitoring

  • Policy Implementation: All foundation activities are carried out in line with this policy.

  • Inspection and Evaluation: Child protection practices are regularly inspected and evaluated.

  • Complaints Mechanism: Complaints made by children or their representatives are taken seriously and dealt with promptly.

6. Procedures

  • Training and Awareness Programs: Regular training and awareness programs are organized on child protection.

  • Safe Environment: All environments in which children participate in foundation activities are designed to be safe and supportive.

  • Reporting and Response Procedures: Clear and effective reporting and response procedures are established for suspicions or incidents of child abuse.

  • Recruitment and Assignment: Recruitment and assignment processes of employees and volunteers are carried out in accordance with the child protection policy.

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