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Ana Fatma Cemevi Hosted Us

Our recent visit to Ana Fatma Cemevi was full of experiences that deeply affected us and made us think. Shared by the people we visited: "As this Cemevi, we are the other of the other because we are Kurds. Some are trying to exclude us by saying that Kurds cannot be Alevis." His words revealed the deep problem of marginalization in our society.

These words pushed us to think more deeply about the various issues of marginalization and discrimination that exist in our society. It reminded once again the importance of everyone approaching the other's experiences with empathy.

Our hosts told us about the difficulties that Alevi identity and beliefs have faced, especially in the last hundred years. Over the last hundred years, the effects on the Alevi community's freedom of self-expression have become more concrete with their narratives. They told us that Alevi individuals did not give up their beliefs and cultural values despite serious pressures and exclusions. During our meeting, we heard about the sad events regarding the attacks on cemevis and the destruction of sacred sites. We understood the security problems experienced by Alevis and the discrimination they were subjected to.

As CONSCIENCE FOUNDATION, we say, with a belief that has become even stronger after this visit, "Let there no longer be any other for the other in this society." We will continue to be a voice for the voiceless in our effort to create a society where no one is marginalized and everyone can empathize with each other's experiences. In this journey, being sensitive and understanding the difficulties experienced by each individual will be one of our most fundamental values.

Our visit to Ana Fatma Cemevi reminded us of our responsibility as a society to be more understanding and empathetic towards each other. This is a valid call not only for the Alevi or Kurdish communities, but for every marginalized group in our society. CONSCIENCE FOUNDATION will continue to work with all its strength to raise this call and listen to the voice of every individual.

It is our responsibility to show sensitivity to the difficulties experienced by Kurdish Alevis and all other segments of our society, and to hear and understand their voices. As CONSCIENCE FOUNDATION, with the awareness of this responsibility, we will continue to listen to everyone's story, understand them and make their voices heard. Our efforts will continue to ensure that everyone approaches the experiences of others with empathy and that marginalization ends.

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