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Conscientious Youth Competition Sponsorship Call

Who Wants to Companion Us in Our Goal of Strengthening the Conscience


As Conscience Foundation, we organize competitions in four different categories: cartoon, poetry, free essay and short film, in order to encourage young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to think about conscience and empathy. This competition offers a unique opportunity to raise the awareness of our society and for our young people to showcase their creativity.

We need sponsorship support for our competition to be successful. Sponsors can support this important event to contribute to the development of our youth by supporting the purpose and goals of our foundation. Our sponsors can support certain categories or all competition categories if they wish.

Information for Those Who Want to Become a Sponsor

Our Foundation and Purpose: We aim to contribute to social reconciliation and peace with our work focused on conscience and empathy. For more information about our foundation, you can visit the Vicdan Foundation Website.

You can find our Founder and Chairman of the Board: Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, the importance he attaches to social reconciliation as Kocaeli Member of Parliament and the founder of our foundation, at this link.

Purpose of the Competition: To encourage young people to think about the concepts of conscience and empathy, and to enable them to display their thoughts and creativity on these issues.

Why Are We Looking for Sponsors?: We need support to ensure that the competition reaches a wider audience, allows young people to showcase their talents, and raises social awareness.

Competition Categories and Amount of Sponsor Support Needed:


Support Needed


50,000 TL.


50,000 TL.

Free Trial

50,000 TL.

Short film

50,000 TL.

All Categories Total

200,000 TL.

Period in which the Competition will be Held (Planned): July - August 2024

Sponsorship Options: Sponsors can sponsor any category or all categories.

Application Deadline for Sponsorship: April 15, 2024

How to Apply?: Those who want to become a sponsor can apply by sending an e-mail titled SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION to , containing information about who they are, why they want to provide sponsorship support, and how much support they can provide in which category .

Download Competition Poster / Brochure:

Download PDF • 19.87MB

If you would like to support this valuable event, please fill out our sponsorship application form. Your contributions will make a significant contribution to our young people's ability to make their voices heard on a wider platform and to the development of our society.

We are waiting for your support to build a more conscious and empathetic society together!

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