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Let's Unite in Conscience: An Invitation to Social Reconciliation

Hello, as Conscience Foundation, we invite individuals and society to conscience, which is the common denominator of humanity, at a time when polarization, where identities come to the fore, is out of control.

We invite you to listen to the voice of conscience, which is the most basic feeling within every human being.

Conscience Foundation wants human reflexes and conscientious feelings to come to the fore in solving social problems, not religious, ethnic, sectarian or political identities!

We invite all people, without discrimination, to common ground.

Differences are natural for all of us. We are not trying to eliminate differences, but to find a common ground for differences to express themselves.

Conscience Foundation invites people to take compassion, mercy, justice and the rule of universal law as a basis!

Let's all strive and work on this path together.

Let's not lose our human essence. Let's not dry our conscience, let's make it green. We present to you our vision, mission, values, understanding and method in full detail.

We call on all conscientious people, without discrimination, to support our foundation. We will continue on our way with a virtuous understanding and a humane method, which is why your companionship is very valuable to us.

You can apply to us as a volunteer, you can apply to help us on the subject you are an expert in, you can help us with your suggestions and criticisms. We are open to all common values of humanity and want to benefit from them.

Let's go on our journey of Conscience together, let's achieve gains on a long but qualified, patient, determined and strong-willed path.

Believe me, this work of ours, which aims at humane and slow transformation without haste and aims to create independent and equitable spaces between different identities and parties, will be very good for all of us. We believe in the value and importance of focusing on conscience, which is the last branch of humanity to hold on to in order to liberate itself from the dungeons it imprisons itself in. Let's set out together and take refuge in the confidence of our conscientious reflexes.

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