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We Met with Decree Law Victims and Trainee Lieutenant Families

On February 23, 2024, as Conscience Foundation, we had the honor of hosting the Decree Law victims and the Mothers and Fathers of Trainee Lieutenants who are in a deep search for justice. Our meeting was organized under the leadership of our foundation's president, esteemed Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, as an opportunity to develop mutual dialogue and understanding, beyond listening to the voices of the victims and sharing the mission and objectives of our foundation.

Those Who Will Not Be Forgotten and Those Who Will Not Be Forgotten

Unfortunately, the process experienced with the Decree Laws has deeply affected the lives of many individuals and their families. These injustices reminded us once again that justice is not just a concept, but a matter of living conscience. At our meeting, the trainee lieutenants' families shared the difficulties their children experienced, their desperation and their search for justice. On the one hand, the victims of the Statutory Decree, who live with the hope of continuing their careers, and on the other hand, the families of trainee lieutenants whose lives were ruined at a young age, shared their pain and hope with us.

Our Foundation's Mission and Efforts

As Vicdan Foundation, we believe that the legal and human rights of every individual should be protected. The main purpose of our foundation is to work to ensure justice and raise the voice of conscience. In this meeting, we both conveyed the aims and objectives of our foundation to the participants and listened to their opinions and suggestions. Conscience Foundation advocates that justice should reach everyone equally and continues its work in this direction. As Conscience Foundation, we aim to both raise awareness and make the voices of the victims heard to wider audiences.

Looking to the Future

Our meeting allowed us not only to express the problems but also to discuss solution suggestions. The experiences of the families of the Decree Law victims and trainee lieutenants stand before us as a social wound. As Conscience Foundation, we will continue to do our best to heal this wound and ensure justice is served. On this path, we will support the search for justice and contribute to the strengthening of social conscience through academic studies, educational programs and social projects.

We Are Stronger Together

This meeting showed us that; We are stronger when we unite our voices. As Vicdan Foundation, we would like to express once again that we stand by each victim and their family and that we will continue our work to make their voices heard in their search for rights. We will continue to walk together in pursuit of justice and conscience.

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