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Invitation to Empathy from Conscience Foundation: Conscience Meetings

As Conscience Foundation, we are launching a special event series: Conscience Meetings, with the aim of overcoming the prejudices and hatred we have developed against each other by bringing together people from different segments of Turkey.

These meetings are organized in order for people from various segments of our society to come together, share the problems they experience and develop mutual understanding and empathy. In each meeting, a maximum of 10 people will come together and share their own experiences and call for conscience to other segments of society.

Purpose and Format of Meetings

These meetings will focus on sincere sharing of personal experiences rather than seeking political solutions or exchanging theses. Participants will be respectful and empathetic when listening to each other's stories and will respect each other's right to speak. The meetings will be conducted based on the principles of confidentiality and sensitivity and will aim to maintain a positive environment. One of our foundation board members will also attend the meetings. Meetings will be moderated.

Application for Participation

Those who want to participate in Meetings of Conscience should send an e-mail to stating their personal information and the segment of society they belong to. Meetings will be held at our Conscience Foundation Center twice a month, depending on demand.

Participation Rules

The rules we expect people who will attend the meeting to follow are as follows:

  • Empathy and Understanding

  • Not Transferring Political Solutions and Thesis

  • Sharing Personal Experiences

  • Listening and Respect

  • Privacy and Sensitivity

  • Positive and Supportive Environment

We hope that these meetings will help us overcome the deepening divisions in our society and better understand each other. As Vicdan Foundation, we hope that these meetings will be a meaningful and valuable experience for everyone.

Note: Only applicants who apply to meetings of conscience via the address will be invited and those who we think are suitable for the theme and participatory structure of the meeting will be invited. Which meeting the applicant will attend and on which date will be determined in our interviews with him/her.


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