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Volunteers of Conscience Meeting

On Saturday, March 9, we came together with our conscientious volunteers from different segments of society.

. The focus of the event was to listen to human rights and the voice of conscience. Focusing on the pain and grievances of the oppressed rather than making clear decisions about who is right or wrong on any social issue, which is among the foundation's basic principles, is the most distinctive feature of our approach on this issue.

Empathy and Human Rights Focused Approach

During the meeting, the foundation's deep commitment to human rights and awareness of the conscientious values inherent in every individual were emphasized. Participants praised the foundation's efforts to understand the suffering of the oppressed and to approach them with empathy. This approach guides us not only in matters of rights and law, but also in terms of compassion and understanding, which are the common values of humanity.

Sensitivity Toward Those Left in Difficult Situation

The sensitivity of the Foundation towards people left in a difficult situation was discussed as an important issue at the meeting. Participants appreciated the foundation's empathy and support for these people. Our efforts to understand the experiences of especially oppressed individuals and to make their voices heard constitute one of the cornerstones of the foundation.

Our Priorities and Values

The Foundation's priorities include social justice, equality and protecting the dignity of every individual. In this context, as a foundation, in every situation we encounter, we approach the issues from an in-depth human rights and conscientious perspective. This is reflected not only in the work of the foundation, but also in the awareness and education programs we create in society.

Conclusion and Future Plans

At the end of the meeting, steps to be taken and strategies to be developed to increase empathy and human rights awareness in society were discussed. Participants' feedback and suggestions will play a critical role in shaping the foundation's future activities.

As Vicdan Foundation, our sensitivity towards people in difficult situations and our determination to raise our voices for them will continue to be at the center of our work. This meeting strengthened us on this path and reinforced our efforts to create positive changes in our society regarding human rights and conscience.

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